Mini atx for firewall

Nico Meijer nico at
Wed Nov 19 07:11:52 PST 2003

Hi Francisco,

> Anyone used a mini ATX machine with FreeBSD?

It's mini ITX and yes, just did one yesterday. Small, quiet and 
beautiful. ;-)

It was a ME6000 (fanless 600Mhz machine):

> My primary concern is the network card. Since these small machines only
> have one PCI slot I will add one card for the internal network and then
> would need the onboard card to connect to the outside world.

I tried a 3com 3c905 with this box and it wouldn't boot. Putting in a 
RTL8139 worked flawlessly. Since the box won't be doing any 'real' work, 
that's okay with me for now.

HTH... Nico

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