Can I bakup like this...??

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Nov 19 06:43:32 PST 2003

Keith Spencer <bsd2000au at> writes:

> I need a quick n safe backup strategy.
> One that I can get the machine backup super quick if
> have to.

Okay, that's your main design goal in your backup strategy; fast
recovery in case of main disk failure.  You're not worrying about
fire, etc.

> What say you about this...(and "how do I" tips please)
> a) Throw another drive in the box
> b) Createthe same or at least minimum size partitions
> as the active drive
> c) Cron job to "dump" or tar or ??? the partitions

dd(1) is the easiest way to make sure that the disk will work just
like the other one.  It requires a same-size-or-larger second disk.

> Then if the original drive hassles me I dump back to
> the partition or if the original drive dies, make the
> backup drive the active one!


> HELP....
> How do I do this.

Pretty simple; duplicate the first disk on the second in some periodic
cron job.  Not too often, because if failure occurs during the copy,
you'll be toast.

> (Disregarding the disaster recovery for the momnet if
> necessary)

DON'T disregard the disaster recovery procedure.  If you have't tested
the recovery procedure, then you don't have a working backup system.

Other things to note are the fact that if the whole system fails, is
stolen, hit by lightning, burned, or so on, your system has no
provisions for recovery.  Make sure you have another (albeit slower)
recovery procedure as well, preferably with off-site backups.

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