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Olcay Alic olcay at
Wed Nov 19 02:33:35 PST 2003

Hello I am Olcay Alic from Turkey.
I have setup a FreeBSD machine and had problems with trying startx and/or 
X.I think this is because I did not correctly entered the values for 
monitor specification.I tried to run xdm so I opened the etc/ttys file 
with ee editor and the made what was written in your 
(ttyv8   "/usr/X11R6/bin/xdm -nodaemon"  xterm   off secure
change I made is off to on.)
then the document says that I run KILL -HUP 1 to sen a sighup to init 
processto force it to re-read its configuration file.
Now I can't use my computer I tried to close from the buttun and then open 
again several times but after I see login: prompt on the screen in 1 
second the monitor is black!I can't do anything now,can't control the 
monitor.I can't see it.
Please urgent help.
Thanks in advance.
Olcay ALIC

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