PCI modem on sio4

fbsd_user fbsd_user at a1poweruser.com
Tue Nov 18 14:39:52 PST 2003

cu -l /dev/cuaa4   did not work, but it pointed me in the right
I did an ls -l /dev/cuaa4  and it was not there.

This is what I think is happening. When the boot probe process finds
an PCI modem it automatically moves it to sio4 as the dmesg.boot
file shows. The problem is that the /dev table only contains cuaa0
thru cuaa3. When the boot probe process moves the PCI modem to sio4
it should also create the cuaa4 device and it does now do that.

I corrected the problem by doing this
cd /dev
sh MAKEDEV cuaa4
ls -l /dev/cuaa4    now shows it's there

cu -l /dev/cuaa4   now working

but I want to use tip command  so I edited /etc/remote and added to
the end of the file a line for com5 - cuaa4.  now tip com5 connects
to my PCI modem.

As a side note user ppp connected to pci modem on device cuaa4

Thanks every body for the shove in the correct direction.

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On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 15:33, fbsd_user wrote:
> FBSD 4.9 with GENERIC kernel found my PCI modem.
> The PC's bio's has all com ports disabled.
> The boot log shows this.
> sio0: <Lucent kermit based PCI Modem> port
> 0xe400-0xe407,0xe000-0xe0ff,0xdc00-0xdcff mem
> irq 3 at device 19.0 on pci0
> sio0: moving to sio4
> sio4: type 16550A
> This is an zoom modem model 2920. It has onboard DSP and
> Question;
> What do I tell user ppp the modem's device is?

The device is /dev/cuaa4.

> How can I send Hayes AT commands to modem?

cu -l /dev/cuaa4


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