LAN Base Radius Server on FreeBSD box?

Kit Lee msenses at
Tue Nov 18 13:49:33 PST 2003

Hi there,

 I just started my FreeBSD journal since last month, so please forgive me if
I ask something that is already asked and answered. Here is my problem, I
would like to setup a LAN base Radius Server that work as the following:

1. LAN Client open up their browser and try to go to
2. BSD box was setup as the Gateway, with 2 nics on it. One it connected to
the public network
3. I need the BSD box check to see if the client is already logged in. (May
be by Radius Server)
4. If he/she was logged in, redirect the traffic to
5. Otherwise, redirect the traffic to

How can I do that and what tools or program do I need to be installed on my
BSD box?

Thank you very much and wish everyone here have a nice day.


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