Linux File System Won't Mount

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Tue Nov 18 11:11:44 PST 2003

Hi ,

	First please add " options     EXT2FS " to you kernel config
file and recompile it . after that you can use it ?! 

Before that could you try ; 

mount_ext2fs /dev/yourdevicelike-ad1s1 /mnt 

it will try to load module .... 

Best Regards 

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I just did a fresh install of FreeBSD-4.9-RELEASE-i386 with Linux
emulation, however I can not mount the file system.

The first step is to load the linprocfs kernel module, but that gives me
the following error:

kldload: can't load /modules/linprocfs.ko: Exec format error.

The second step is to actually mount the linux file system, which also
fails, probably because the linprocfs kernel model needs to be loaded

digital-village# mount -t linprocfs linprocfs /compat/linux/proc
linprocfs: vfsload(linprocfs): Exec format error

A look in dmesg shows the following:
link_elf: symbol nextpid undefined
link_elf: symbol nextpid undefined

I did a Google search for this error, but did not turn up anything.

Thanks for any help,

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