Call me stupid...

Gary Lum g_lum at
Mon Nov 17 21:31:33 PST 2003

I've just built a new BSD box 5.1 and recompiled the
kernel for SMP and firewalling. I was working on
getting CVSUP working and used cvsupit to generate the
supfile. Somehow, Prolly cause I didn't RTFM, I missed
that the default tag "." would get me FREEBSD-Current.
I then started CVSUP and got about halfway through
before cancelling the CVSUP.

If I'm reading this correctly, Current is
developmental and should probably not be a production
machine? IS there a way to backout of this? I haven't
done anything to the system after stopping CVSUP. What
if I wiped the directories and reloaded the source
from CD? OR should I finish the CVSUP and live with

Any help would be MOST appreciated.

And yeah, you can start the e-mail off with "DUH" and
remind me to change the default tag to RELENG_5_1 ;)

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