New parts for new PC (need help - little knowledge of hardware)

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Mon Nov 17 20:13:10 PST 2003

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Oh no. I must have explained myself wrong. $400.00 is just for starters.
I know for a fact I'm gonna buy that case so that leaves me with say
$300.00 to be on the safe side. Besides the case I would like the
motherboard to be the first actual piece of hardware I buy. Meaning the
motherboard could be $300.00 is it is well worth putting into a new
system. I just want to get the best performance in all ways when using
FreeBSD on a daily bases, as a server, maybe do some video/image
editing, playing dvds, don't really care about games on the pc but would
like some crips clean graphics when using X and it's applications, and
ANYTHING that I might want to get into later on FreeBSD I want to be
able to do it fast and use the features the hardware offers that FreeBSD
supports. I like doing anything and everything pretty much on FreeBSD. I
just love it. It's just that I want a new machine, I will most likely
pick up new things to do under FreeBSD and want to do it with the full
capabilities the OS offers. Like i said, $400.00 is just for starters. I
am getting the case from Antec for sure, the motherboard I'm sure I want
to go with ASUS could cost $300.00 and break even with $400.00 for the
first FEW parts I am getting. The reason I am building the PC is to
learn about hardware mainly and to have more fun with FreeBSD of course.
So, the things that I will be doing on FreeBSD are not limited to just
using Sylpheed, Opera etc. I might pick up something new tomorrow, see a
feature that FreeBSD offers to make more out of my machine but my
hardware just doesn't have it. I hope I made myself more clear this

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> > things I am confused about it the onboard sound. I don't want
> > onboard sound. Or do I?
> probably not
> > If the motherboard from
> > asus has onboard sound can I use a PCI sound card?
> yes, you can always use both if you want (if the onboard one will work
> in FreeBSD, of course)
> > Is it best to use a PCI sound card or onboard?
> PCI sound cards are generally better (they have higher sound quality
> and amplification)
> > Remember, I know pretty much nothing about hardware,
> Sooner or later, you'll have to learn; now it's good time to start...
> > cooling? I was thinking about buying the TrueBlue 480 Watt PSU
> > 480 Watt ATX12V Illuminated from antec. Good idea?
> I think that 480 Watts is really too much for U$400 machine
> As for the system configuration, it's better for you to decide what
> you want by your self. Maybe all you want is some Via Epia C3? I would
> personally recommend Athlon XP or Pentium III [Tualatin] based system.
> When selecting a mainboard, check (by chipset names) that the on-board
> ethernet, sound and ATA controllers will work with FreeBSD.
> 17.11.2003; 19:07:05
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