printer/tcp: bind: Address already in use

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Mon Nov 17 17:12:14 PST 2003

At 4:47 PM -0800 11/17/03, K Anderson wrote:
>Hey there all.
>For quite some time I've been noticing messages on the primary
>console as well as the message log.
>    inetd[630]: printer/tcp: bind: Address already in use
>I have cups installed and happen to notice something in the 
>/usr/local/etc/rc.d director called I have, as the
>file says, lpd_enabled/lpd_enable equal to NO inside quotes
>(yep, inside rc.conf) and the darn thing still starts up.
>Any ideas on fixing?

Are things "working", other than the annoying message?

Are all the messages from the same process?  And is that
process really 'inetd'?  If so, what kind of entries do
you have in /etc/inetd.conf?

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