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Mon Nov 17 16:07:05 PST 2003

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1) This question really belongs on FreeBSD-Questions, not -mobile (it's 
nice to post things to the correct list: reduces clutter and increases 
your chance of getting a useful answer).

2) You are more likely to get an answer if your subject line explains 
the general subject of the question.  To save time, many people only 
read messages that sound like something they are interested in or can 
help with (I'm one of those - I read this one by accident).

> Hello All.
> Does anyone know how the applications are supposed to be accessed on
> BSD?  While using KDE I am able to access quite a few applications, but
> the desktop is quite complex, and I decided to try gnome2.4, to see if I
> could access the linux compatible stuff.  It seems to me that the only
> office/application stuff is the kde propriatary-ish apps.  Nothing else
> seems to be locatable.  I have the compat stuff installed, so how am I
> supposed to be able to access the other applications, since they don't
> seem to be available for FreeBSD itself. I really would like to use
> 1.1 or anything other than the kde stuff.  

3) Have you installed other applications?  If you haven't installed Open 
Office you won't have it. It can be installed from 
/usr/ports/editors/openoffice.  See

Once you have installed it, you may or may not need to do something 
extra to get it to appear in the menu system of the desktop system you 
have selected (e.g. KDE, Gnome, etc.).  You can run it from a command 
line in any case.  To do this, open a console window (xterm, kterm, etc. 
-- in KDE it's the icon that looks like a terminal with a shell in front 
of it).  Then enter the command "openoffice" and see what happens.

> I would appreciate at least one response this time, if you guys would
> not mind....  
> Thanks again.

I also strongly recommend that if you haven't done so already, you refer 
to the FreeBSD Handbook at  I think 
many of your questions will be answered there.  There are several other 
web sites that also have good "how to" FreeBSD information, for 

- Bob

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