ipfw dummynet bandwidth limiting questions

Kelsey Cummings kgc at sonic.net
Mon Nov 17 16:03:53 PST 2003

I've had some trouble getting ipfw to behave as expected.  I've got a ipfw
box sitting as a firewall and traffic shaper in bridge mode.  It's working
great for the most part but I'm having trouble getting some specific behavior
to work right.

I'm currently limiting all outbound streams to 1.5mbits, and this works
great.  However, I'd also like to setup an overall cap for all traffic to
run at 25mbits.  I can only get one or the other of these rule/pipe combos
to take affect at any given time.  I must be missing something obvious:

The rules in questions are as follows:

  add 420 pipe 420 tcp from $slb_www 80 to any
  pipe 420 config bw 1500Kbit/s queue 35 mask dst-ip 0xffffffff buckets 1024

  add 440 pipe 440 tcp from $slb_www 80 to any
  pipe 440 config bw 25Mbit/s queue 100

'ipfw show' shows zero hits on rule 440, it sure seems like it should work.

Also, is it possible to increase the hash table size beyond 1024?
Practically speaking, does anyone have any experience doing trafic shapping
at gige rates?  The property behind this box is growing rapidly and we
expect to saturate fe in a few month.

I'd appreciate if you could cc me in response.
Kelsey Cummings - kgc at sonic.net           sonic.net, inc.
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