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>      I have recently come into possessing a new hard drive which is 40 gigs.  
>I also have a 160 Gig hard drive with an unformatted partition that is approx. 
>40 gigs.  Would it be easier to install FreeBSD on the unformatted partition 
>or the new hard drive for the purpose of dual booting with xp?  Also, does 
>anyone know how to set up a dual boot system or know of a good guide to doing 
>Thanks in advance,
>Edward Germain
Hi Germain

I have a dual boot system, win98 and FreeBSD 5.0.
I had a 4.3 GB originaly and later I added a 40 GB to the machine. I installed windows on the 40 GB hard drive and the 4.3 was unused until I decided to try FreeBSD on it.
In my opinion it is easier to install a duall boot system when you have two hard drives. I used XOSL as my boot manager, because I had used it before and I knew it was as easy to uninstall as it was to install, and if you uninstall XOSL your master boot record, MBR, is restored. 
What I did was this :
I installed XOSL through windows, and after it was working I installed FreeBSD on the 4.3 GB hard drive. The instalation process was easy.
When asked which boot manager to install for FreeBSD you have three options,
1 - install the FreeBSD boot manager
2 - install a standard MBR (no boot manager)
3 - leave the master boot record untouched
I selected install a standard MBR.
XOSL can tell you have more than one boot record,
and use it to boot the system. After installing FreeBSD I made sure that both my hard drives were bootable and configured XOSL to present me with an option of which OS to boot. It is easy to configure the boot manager, and it worked the first time I tried.
The FreeBSD boot record is istalled only in one hard drive.
You might want to check it out. I think it is the easyest way to have a dual boot system. Here are some links for you.

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