Recursion with grep?

Francisco Reyes fran at
Mon Nov 17 09:27:42 PST 2003

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, parv wrote:

> in message <20031113223951.X85161 at>,
> wrote Francisco J Reyes thusly...
> >
> > Do we want something like:
> > grep -r <string> *.c
> I do not know about anybody else, i myself like to keep the current
> behaviour for -r option.

Several people have expressed a simmilar sentiment, but I don't quite
understand why.

As it stands grep can't recurse and search only certain files. I can only
imagine how many time this probably has shown up on this and many other

After all if you can do
grep <some text> *.c

The logical thing is to expect the following to work
grep -r <some text> *.c

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