newbie dns mess w/ nic

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Mon Nov 17 08:49:31 PST 2003

> >Ahh, but the line in rc.conf should be like that:
> >
> >defaultrouter=""
> Thanks for the follow up Dmitry. Right now I've got the typo'd line
> commented out on /etc/rc.conf and am accomplishing this with the line

I apologize for this corrupted info that I sent.

> 1. what's the difference between these two commands, e.g. are they
> interchangable in this case?

The difference is the syntax. In rc.conf, the entry is pulled into an
external program and executed as a name/value pair. When run at the
command line (or within a script), you are actually running the route
program directly, and passing it the parameters 'add', 'default' and 'IP'.

They can not be interchanged.

> 2. other than the potential for a race condition (if that's even the right
> way to put it) is there anything better about establishing dns routing in
> rc.conf than in the rc.d exec on restart?

I don't know for sure. I have with some of our client FBSD routers, added
routes from within the rc.d directory after initializing VPN tunnels,
which worked fine. I've never tested the default route from there though.

> **3.  how the heck do I give my fbsd box a name on my lan? this has been
> bugging me for a few days now

What type of name? DNS? If so, add the following to your rc.conf file,
before the IP address gets assigned:


Make an entry in DNS for this name, with it's ip, or add the IP/name pair
in the 'hosts' file on each box that needs to see it.

If you are referring to a Windows NetBIOS name, you will need to review
the following site and install the software:



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