unrecognized hardware with 5.1 and Dell 1750

Olaf Hoyer ohoyer at gaff.hhhr.ision.net
Mon Nov 17 01:09:39 PST 2003

On Sun, 16 Nov 2003, Jackie S. McCracken wrote:

> Kent and Olaf, thank you for the suggestions!  I believe that the root of
> the problem is the ServerWorks GC LE chipset.


Well, I just installed a 1750 a few weeks before under 4.9-prerelease,
running fine.

 I forgot to mention that the
> system reports during initial startup that the Host to PCI bridge chipset
> is unrecognized which leads me to believe that it cannot see the NIC
> interface at all which is integrated into the motherboard.

It is initialized ok, at least for 4.9. The PCI ID is unknown to
FreeBSD, so it cannot display the right name in dmesg, but anything else

 This is one of
> Dell's newest servers and I'm feeling that the hardware is just newer than
> what FreeBSD supports and I need some help working out the issue.

Well, not really. It is fully supported by FreeBSD 4.9-R, 5.1R is a bit
older. Basically the drivers will work, but due to the fact that they
do not know the PCI ID of the onboard NIC, the chips are not

 I have a
> Dell 1650 (recently discontinued model) running just great at the moment
> and I'm checking to see what the differences in the motherboards are other
> than the 1750 is about twice as much server speed wise and will supply that
> info shortly.  Any help would be extremely appreciated, I am not a
> programmer but a test engineer by trade and I want to see FreeBSD take its
> rightful place as THE open source operating system and I'm pushing it as
> hard as I can to our customers.

BTW: For production environment, 4-stable is recommended...


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