DVD-RAM on FreeBSD 5.1R (LG 4040)?

Stefan A. Deutscher sa.deutscher at tiscali.de
Sun Nov 16 15:15:14 PST 2003

Hi all,

 just got an ATAPI LG 4040 multiwriter (CD-R/RW, DVD+/-R,+/-RW, and
DVD-RAM) and wish to use it on FreeBSD 5.1. While still having to
configure the system to address it in UDMA rather than PIO 4 mode, it
installed fine. Reading and writing CDs in all possible variations works
fine with burncd. Yet many of my scripts are written for cdrecord, so
I'd rather stick with that tool instead of learing yet another one.

Two questions arise

(a) How do I get such a unit to treat DVD-RAM just as slow, random
    access optical media (much like an MO-Disk)?
    I do not wish to do burncd or cdrecord on it, I wish to write to it
    directly, if possible.
    Alas, I could not put a new disk label on the blank (disklabel says
    'unknown type: auto'), and newfs does not like it either. So I am

(b) Google and the online handbook (for 4.x though) tell me that I

      device atapicam
      device scbus
      device pass

    in my kernel to get to use the ATAPI unit like a SCSI unit
    (e.g. with cdrecord and friends). However, on 5.1R I cannot find any
    mention of an atapicam device, neither in GENERIC nor in the hints
    nor NOTES. Now, what's a man to do?

I checked the freebsd.org FAQs and archives, google and the news groups,
but most stuff there is not really conclusive. In case this is a FAQ,
after all, please just post a pointer.

Any hints are much appreciated.

 Thanks in advance & cheers,

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