Auto thumbnail/index.html generation program in ports?

Steve D groups at
Sun Nov 16 06:18:45 PST 2003

picfolio -- an image gallery generator

To add to my previous (a couple weeks ago) response to a question about 
programs that might generate thumbnail-sized images and html galleries 
from directories of images, there is a great program called picfolio 
that does not appear within the FreeBSD ports collection, but which 
works great on FreeBSD.

Picfolio outputs xml files that are transformed by xslt stylesheets to 
produce (typically) HTML or XHTML documents. A picfolio user who learns 
xslt can write his or her own stylesheets to precisely control and 
customize picfolio's xml output (into strict XHTML 1.1 and CSS2, for 
example). In this respect, picfolio is a much better choice than many 
of the other "web gallery" generators which often produce a very 
particular, mostly unconfigurable form of HTML (which may not be very 
well written, or might be older HTML which includes deprecated tags, 
for example).

Picfolio's webpage is at:

-Steve D
Portales, NM US

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