Samba question

Marty Landman MLandman at
Sat Nov 15 20:12:32 PST 2003

At 09:46 PM 11/15/2003, Robin Schoonover wrote:

>Hmm.  Ignoring everything else you gave us, I'd say it sounds like there is
>a firewall in the way.  I've had the exact same problem before.

I believe I have ipfw disabled..

# ps -ax|grep ipfw

I start it up by doing

# /usr/local/sbin/smbd -D ; /usr/local/sbin/nmbd -D

and then only find nmbd running.. is that normal behavior?

Also even after killing nmbd it comes back seemingly on its own.

Sorry if I'm rambling on but I seem to be lost.

Maybe I should instead try to copy the cups and samba execs in rc.d from 
their defaults and do a shutdown.


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