Fastest way to change IP addresses

Jamie jamie at
Sat Nov 15 11:35:42 PST 2003

   I want to change the IP address from to
on a FreeBSD machine as quickly as possible. Despite my efforts, I can
only get the change to work by editing rc.conf and rebooting the machine.
Isn't there a more elegant way?? The man page for ifconfig seems to cover
changing IP ALIASES, but not the primary IP of an interface.

  In order to switch to I've tried:

1) ifconfig de0

  ifconfig -a then gives me:

        inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
        ether 00:03:47:b1:d6:1c
        media: 10BaseT/UTP status: active

  But then I cannot ping the gateway,


  5 Packets transmitted, 0 packets received 100% packet loss

  2) I've tried editing /etc/rc.conf with the desired IP address. I
then run:

sh /etc/netstart

  It gives me the same output listed in (1), but I still cannot ping the
gateway. The only way I can change the IP address is to make the change in
/etc/rc.conf and reboot the whole machine. Then it works just fine.

   I would have to think there has GOT to be a better way.

   Am I doing something wrong somewhere, or is it just a requirement that
you need to restart?


   - Jamie

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