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Sat Nov 15 09:59:51 PST 2003

Ian Barnes wrote:

>I appologise for duplicate posting. I forgot to attach the file
>I am having problems parsing php variables.
>say now i goto its not
>carrying the news=TODAY variable to the next page.
>I have gone through my php.ini file and i cant find any problems. Now im
>fairly sure that it is my php.ini file thats causing the problems. Attached
>is my php.ini, if someone could find a fault i would be most gratefull.
>I am running PHP 4-4.3.3.r1_1,1 withApache 1.3.27_5 on FreeBSD 4.9 Stable.

While it would be more appropriate to post this in
some forum or list that deals specifically with PHP
--- I'd recommend the forums at or; both are friendly and have knowledgeable
PHP coders present.

However, this is absolutely the #1 FAQ re:
PHP at present, and it couldn't hurt, in light of the
continual growth in popularity of this scripting
language, to address it here.

PHP is now shipped with register_globals=OFF,
as noted in your attached file.  If you access the
URL, and then attempt
this in the script "foo.php"


echo $bar;


You will get no output.  It is recommended that
you code foo.php thus:


echo $_GET['bar'];


which is the above case would echo "baz"
to the browser.

The workarounds are many; the one you are
looking for is to change the register_globals
directive in your php.ini to =ON and restart
Apache.  This is not recommended for several
security reasons.

As mentioned before, it's *recommended highly*
that you begin converting your scripts to the latter

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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