how can i change the default text size of applications?

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Nov 14 11:11:44 PST 2003

"KroNiC~BSD" <kronic_bsd at> writes:

> Can i change the size of the display fonts without changing my
> resolution? Ok, here is the issue. I am  using a digital panel with
> 1280x1024 for my resolution. Everything is fine except the text for
> applications is too small and the text in terminal windows ....again too
> small. For ex. in a app. such as mozilla, firebird, openoffice etc... the
> menus ...file edit view tools help etc.. are too small. In thunderbird ,
> i can increase the text size for the reading portion but again the menu
> or the portion that shows the subject, sender and date are too small for
> comfort. As i also mentioned the text for xterm or aterm is the same, too
> small to read comfortably.

Typically these things are configured by X resources. 
Check the handbook for more information.

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