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Fri Nov 14 02:43:47 PST 2003

> > Can someone point me to enabling sound on FreeBsd 5.1. Also when i use to 
> > start my Xsession (startx) computer used to prompt with some message about 
> > sound. I have suppressed it. How do change the system to get that message 
> > again.
> 1) your hardware (soundcard type - is it supported?)
> 2) if it is supported, did you compile the module in the kernel?
> 3) if it is not not compiled in the kernel, did you load the module?
> For question number 3, the magic keyword is kldload (see its manual page).

# kldload snd

will generally do what you want (load the correct driver).

> I omitted to ask whether the card works (if you have a chance, check with
> another OS on the same machine). Faulty hardware may not get initialized
> properly and will cause the driver to fail.

Right. What does 'dmesg' say abount sound cards/chipsets?
You could also run 'pciconf -lv' (as root) and see if your
card is recognized.

Good luck.

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