cdbakeoven doesn't see atapi burner

Rod Person rodperson at
Thu Nov 13 18:49:43 PST 2003

On Wednesday 12 November 2003 11:47 am, It was written:
> On Wednesday 12 November 2003 17:13, Charles Howse wrote:
> > > Try reading 'man atapicam'. It tells you what needs to be done.
> >
> > Actually, I read the Handbook section on CD's, added device atapicam to
> > my kernel config file, rebuilt the kernel.
> > Now my burner is detected in scanbus.
> Hmm... interesting. I've done everything described in man/handbook. The
> drives shows up (correctly) in dmesg and with camcontrol. So *why* will
> cdbakeoven not detect the drives?

did you try running cdbakeoven as root? if you run it as a normal user you 
need to have the correct permissions set to cdrdao for it to be able to 
detect the drive.


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