No gethostbyname_r() in FreeBSD?

Cordula's Web cpghost at
Thu Nov 13 12:32:09 PST 2003

> > I'm trying to compile milter-dnsrbl.c from
> >
> >
> > The problem is that gethostbyname_r() doesn't seem to exist
> > in FreeBSD. This is the code which uses it (from milter-dnsrbl.c):
> It's a known issue.  There are some third party DNS libraries that
> provide an implementation, e.g. in newer versions of bind.

Ah, okay. Since I'm using system's BIND, I'll simply
replace gethostbyname_r() with a call to gethostbyname()
in this program and hope for the best [it doesn't look like
a reentrant version is needed in this special case]. I'll
google for the synopsis of gethostbyname_r() now.

Thanks for clarifying this!

Cordula's Web.

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