Shared object has no run-time symbol table(urgent)

Bimal Patel bims_patel at
Thu Nov 13 11:30:56 PST 2003

Hello Guys,
     I am Bimal. I am developing a mail sender program as per client's 
requirement. Well, I've developed some part of it, and after sending the 
executables to them, they are not able to run it on their machine. We both 
are using Free BSD 4.8 stable. The same program runs nicely on my pc without 
any errors. The command line and error is shown below:

%./MailSender samp_email.txt samp_template.txt
/usr/libexec/ ./MailSender: Shared object has no run-time symbol 

This is the C program, and the other files are inputted as command line 
arguments. I don't know why this error is coming. It's urgent because the 
client is becoming very impatient. I'd be very greatful to you if you can 
solve it.



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