video guru needed - installing driver for ATI 3D Rage IIC AGP

Charles Howse chowse at
Thu Nov 13 08:26:04 PST 2003

I've done as much research as I can on this, I need to enable xv support for 
my video card, so that I can play videos full-screen in Kmplayer.
If I'm going about this wrong, let me know.

According to the XFree86 log,
It seems the place to go is
I've been there, and downloaded the ATI-4.3.0-10.i386.tar.gz drivers.
These seem to be the ati drivers for XF86 4.3.0.
I've expanded them inside Konqueror to see if there is a README, and there 

Before I totally screw up my display, I was wondering....
Has anyone successfully installed these drivers for the same card that I have? 
ATI 3D Rage IIC AGP (8 mb ram)
Do they work?
How must they be installed?
Is there any documentation online?


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