No gethostbyname_r() in FreeBSD?

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Thu Nov 13 08:00:00 PST 2003


I'm trying to compile milter-dnsrbl.c from

The problem is that gethostbyname_r() doesn't seem to exist
in FreeBSD. This is the code which uses it (from milter-dnsrbl.c):

#if !defined(__linux__) || !defined(__GLIBC__)
        if ( !gethostbyname_r (lookup_name, &ret, buf, sizeof buf, &herrnum) )
        if ( gethostbyname_r (lookup_name, &ret, buf, sizeof buf, &result,
                              &herrnum) ) continue;

Am I just missing something here (like linking to some obscure library),
or is that really a known issue?

I'm using:
  FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE #0: Fri Nov  7 03:24:27 CET 2003
with a GENERIC kernel.


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