How to find our what version of ports your running?

Paul Hamilton paul at
Thu Nov 13 05:50:13 PST 2003


Thanks for that Lowell.  Yes I knew about the pkg_version cmd.  I was just
hoping that I had  missed a command or file that explain it all.

I started digging around, and found that the /usr/ports/LEGAL file has the

# $FreeBSD: ports/LEGAL,v 1.274 2003/02/19 04:24:53 marcus Exp $

as one of the headers, so I guess, that is a rough indication of when it was
compiled.  Perhaps it might even roughly tie in with the FTP site iso....
Hmmm, just checked, and they only show 4.8 as the oldest: April 2003
So I guess, that ports version came with 4.7.

Anyway, thanks everyone.


Paul Hamilton

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> Is there a way to find out the ports version, from a CD upgrade?  i.e..
> initial install was 4.2 then a 4.6 upgrade, then a 4.7 and then a 4.8
> upgrade.  Hmm, was the ports tree upgraded along with main upgrades or

Ports are not updated along with the base system.  You can do that
separately, but usually don't need to.  You can determine the versions
of the ports installed on your system with the pkg_version(1) command.
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