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Martin Moeller mm at bsdsi.com
Thu Nov 13 01:03:49 PST 2003

* David Bear <David.Bear at asu.edu> [031113 09:30]:
> well, since I will be running apache on freebsd I thought I ask which
> one will be the best to use,  v1.3 series on v2.x series.

Hi, David!

Apache 1.3 was originally designed for the Unix platform. Although
it also runs with Windows and others, it's not optimized for them.
The Apache 2.x was designed for multi-platform-usage and uses some
portability libraries etc. (And I have the feeling, it's slower on
FreeBSD, but that's only a personal impression).

So, as a FreeBSD user, Version 1.3.x should be the right choice.
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