Installation Hang

Nick P. sundog2000 at
Wed Nov 12 19:28:41 PST 2003

Bob Downes <secure at> said:
>What version of FreeBSD are you trying to install? Have 
>you tried another branch? (I.e. if you're installing 4.9, 
>try 5.1, and vice-versa. 5.1 is still not recommended 
>for production systems, but it seems very, very stable as 
>my desktop system.)
I am installing 4.9.  Someone else suggested 5.1 as well.  I'm a little concerned about doing that because I can imagine myself
1) having trouble at some point
2) asking a question
3) getting roasted by this list for using a CURRENT install, 
    when I'm new to FreeBSD


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