Newbie: The C / C++ Issue

Marty Leisner leisner at
Wed Nov 12 17:37:42 PST 2003

I've been programming in C for over 20 years.

I've gotten up to speed on C++ for work.

I like the expression "in C you can shoot yourself in the foot,
in C++ you can blow off your leg".

C++ does have advantages -- but I haven't seen most C++ 
programmers use them -- instead they often obscure the
problem at hand by making the implementation more complicated
than the problem they're trying to solve.

BTW -- I've been doing "object oriented" stuff in C for years --
its harder, but its doable.  You have a much simpler language
to deal with.

First learn how to write good programs in C.
Then see if C++ buys you anything extra.
If it doesn't, you don't need C++.
But I've seen far too much C++ that's just obscure C.

Just my experience and opinion.


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