afbackup full_backup process dying

Noah admin2 at
Wed Nov 12 14:36:31 PST 2003

freeBSD 4.8
afbackup 3.3.5

okay I am unclear why afbackup is killing off the full_backup process? 

this is a client machine the afbackup server is a remote host.

I cant seem to figure out any details from the afbackup logs either?  Is there
somewhere else I should be Looking for more clues?

this is from /var/spool/afbackup/client.backup.log

--- snip ---

Wed Nov 12 14:32:57 2003, Starting full backup.
Wed Nov 12 14:32:58 2003, Error: Backup client side subprocess unexpectedly died
Wed Nov 12 14:32:58 2003, Full backup failed.

--- snip ---

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