backup drive bootabel

Noah admin2 at
Wed Nov 12 14:32:23 PST 2003

> i) Make the 2nd disk an identical copy to the 1st one.  In this case
> should the 1st drive go AWOL, you would have to open the case and
> either remove the first drive or modify the jumpering on the disks to
> swap their order on the bus.  You will need to mark the FreeBSD slice
> bootable in the disk partition label by running:
>     # boot0cfg -B -b /boot/mbr -s 1 da1

okay this is the command I was Looking for but I am arriving at an error:

# boot0cfg -B -b /boot/mbr -s 1 da1
boot0cfg: /boot/mbr: unknown or incompatible boot code

I think the partitions are about the same so I am not clear why this is happening.

- Noah

> So long as the slice tables and disklabels on da0 and da1 are pretty
> much the same, either disk should boot up smoothly.

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