FreeBSD Essay.

paul beard paulbeard at
Wed Nov 12 12:06:15 PST 2003

Lewis Thompson wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I'm a first year CS student at Manchester and I've been given the task
> of writing a 1,000 word essay on something computer-related.  It can be
> pretty much anything I want (I think).  I've decided FreeBSD is
> interesting, the OS I advocate and that I shall write about this.
>   I am planning to write a brief history of the four BSDs, going way
> back in time (probably a few words on Ritchie, etc.) but then
> concentrate on FreeBSD.

I think showing the pedigree is a good idea. I would extend it to 
discuss and demonstrate how FreeBSD is a system with solid design 
principles and a resourceful community around it. It's benefits 
are more than technical, as anyone on this list can attest.

Given the short length, I think an overview of how FreeBSD came to 
be, it's strengths, and whatever seems appropriate in the 
projected evolution would be worth reading.

>   I'm really asking if anybody can suggest any particularly interesting
> topics that I can go away and research and then include in my essay.  I
> guess since it's only a short essay I can't have /too/ much detail and I
> didn't particularly want to try and explain something /very/ complicated
> (although please suggest just the same ;).

Paul Beard
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