Multiple IPs in Jail

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Wed Nov 12 10:04:46 PST 2003

Hey all  -
We patched mijail5 ( against
RELENG_5_1. Most of the patch was successful with a little fuzz, except  for
a couple lines in jls which didn't patch due to cosmetic changes (easily
Before the patch was applied, the jail environment had no problem with dns.
After the patch was applied  however (and userland rebuilt both on host and
jail), dns breaks in the jail environment. Basically, gethostbyname  fails
and h_errno is set to 2 - Host name lookup failure. the system is configured
properly, since the only changes  are to the kernel and the modified jail
mechanism. Also interesting is that the failure is immediate, there is no
However, inbound/outbound TCP traffic is not effected. - we are able to ssh
in/out of the jailed environment. 
I was testing outbound UDP traffic however - simple matter of binding a
socket to send a packet to a remote host. 
Outside the jail, it worked fine. inside the jail, sendto failed with a
EINVAL error. 
Any help on this topic would be much appreciated. 


PS: I apologize for the cross-post to the freebsd-hackers and
freebsd-questions lists... Need to get this box up ASAP and this is a major

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