ip-up script of pppd no triggered

Jim Xochellis dxoch at escape.gr
Wed Nov 12 09:31:49 PST 2003

Hi list,

I need persuade pppd to call its ip-up script in order to add a 
non-default route when the link is up and running. Unfortunately it 
seems that my ip-up script is not being called. The mode of the file is 
rwxr-xr-x and the owner root:wheel. I am calling the pppd from inside a 
"/usr/local/etc/rc.d/ppp.sh" script by using the following command:
"/usr/sbin/pppd /dev/cuaa0 115200 A.A.A.A:B.B.B.B noauth persist 

Am I doing something wrong?

Best Regards
Jim Xochellis

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