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Wed Nov 12 04:37:01 PST 2003

Hi Dimitris,

<snip lots of relevaent info>

> The 10.X.X.X subnet will never need to use any of the
> services of the 193.X.X.X subnet or the 193.R.R.R
> router. It will always access internet via its own
> 10.R.R.R router, which only routes packets towards the
> internet and never towards the 193.X.X.X subnet. Thus,
> what's the need to do any of the above? 
Well a packet originating on the 193.x.x.x network will have a return
address on the 193.x.x.x network even after its been routed via the freebsd
box, (unless you nat, which if your adsl router is a rubbish as mine was you
may have to as i couldnt add static routes to mine, but thats another
issue.) and so the 10.R.R.R router wont know where to forward to if it has
no route to 10.x.x.x (or at least the sending host on that network.)

> Please note that I am rather inexperienced in routing
> and please forgive me if I make terrible mistakes. :-)

and excuse me if i do too :) I've plenty of experience, but no formal
> Thanks for the responce
> Jim Xochellis
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