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Nick P. sundog2000 at
Tue Nov 11 21:15:55 PST 2003


>Have you checked the integrity of the installation CD you're >trying to install from?  It could be that it's corrupted and >causing problems.
I did check the MD5 checksums -- but in addition to the CD install, I also tried a variety of other install methods - booting to CD and doing FTP install, booting to floppy and installing on a variety of different FTP servers.  

>The installation process is usually fairly painless and >generally very fast - as less than 5 minutes for a minimal >install on an amd athlon 2000.
>Certainly shouldn't be taking as long as you mention :(
Unfortunately, not painless or fast for me. :-(

>Presumably you've read the handbook as well:
I've looked there and have become quite intimate with the menus it documents.  I like to think I could go through the install options blind-folded at this point.  :-)

>if you know enough to use Google you no doubt stumbled across >the handbook pretty early on :=)
Googling has brought to my attention that many other people have had this problem, and also have not seemed to have found answers, as I alluded to in the original post.  One found that when switching from the CD to FTP install it worked; this did not work for me.

Thanks for your input.

Jez Hancock
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