Installation Hang

Nick P. sundog2000 at
Tue Nov 11 15:15:34 PST 2003

>You're problem looks interesting, what version of freebsd are >
>you trying?

>Have you setup any swap space? if so how much? You can do this >when you setup freebsd's. partitions. How big are the partitions >you've assigned? is there enough space to install what you've >choosen to install?
I allotted like 20 GB for the partition, and I let it automatically set the swap and other partitions within that, and just went with its choices.

>Should you have enough of using freebsd, you should be able to >clear your MBR (Master boot record)/freebsd boot loader by doing >'fdisk /mbr' from a dos boot disk
But will that let me boot to my Windows partition?  Does that not blow away all my partition stuff?

Thanks for the info... still searching though.

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