Keyboard not responding, Dell PE2650

Olaf Hoyer ohoyer at
Tue Nov 11 13:35:01 PST 2003

On Tue, 11 Nov 2003, Russell P. Sutherland wrote:

> I have a fairly reproduceable problem with a new Dell PowerEdge 2650:
>          After the machine has booted in a headless state (no keyboard
>          or monitor) and then one inserts a keyboard into either the
>          front or rear PS/2 plugs, there is no communication input from
>          the keyboard to the server. The monitor/VGA port communication
>          is fine.
>          I believe the keyboard repsonse  is _normal_ if the keyboard
>          is plugged in while the machine is powering up.
> Has anyone else experienced this problem? And if so how was the issue
> resolved?


Well, I just had a bunch of 2650's (german version) on the desk, that
were deployed under Redhat advanced server.

during tests, the machine was rebooted, and keyboard was plugged in
later. No hassle.

I had a short time slot to play with it under FreeBSD, but did not run
in such an issue. does not mean much, I had short time...

I ran into a similar thing on a HP/Compaq Proliant 380 G3, with a
-current from yesterday.

Build a custom kernel, and after the bootloader kicked it, the keyboard
was dead. Build of new kernel (basically a GENERIC with SMP support
activated) worked then...

Which is the OS type in BIOS?
(I remember that there is sometimes the option, at least Compaq has it)

Also, you have the opportunity of a serial console redirection to com1
via BIOS hardware, works like a charm.


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