Vinum and reserved space

Mike Maltese mike at
Tue Nov 11 11:09:40 PST 2003

> I've just bought 2 x 160GB drives which I want to RAID 1 with vinum. I
> used /stand/sysinstall to fdisk and disklabel them, mounted them as /temp1
> and /temp2 and checked the size of them using 'df' to stick into my
> vinum.conf file.
> I'm a bit confused though; the output of df does not include the 8% or
> whatever of the slice that is reserved for root by default. Therefore I
> was wondering if I should turn the reserved space down to 0%, check the
> space using df, and use that in my vinum.conf. The reasoning is that when
> I run 'newfs /dev/vinum/sauron1', more drive space will be reserved, so
> I'll have two lots of reserved space on each drive which seems wrong.
> Currently df -h output looks like this, which isn't too impressive for
> 160GB drives:
> /dev/vinum/sauron1   131G   1.0K   120G     0%    /vinum
> vinum.conf looks like:
> drive alpha device /dev/ad6s1e
> drive beta device /dev/ad7s1e
> volume sauron1 setupstate
> plex org concat
>         sd length 141537128k drive alpha
> plex org concat
>         sd length 141537128k drive beta

man tunefs

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