Rocketport (rp0) mapping failure on 5.1-REL

Douglas K. Rand rand at
Tue Nov 11 09:57:34 PST 2003

Peter> It looks like what I might have is one of the new Universal PCI
Peter> RocketPort cards - does anyone know if the current rp driver
Peter> supports the card?  (Comport no longer makes the 32-bit-only
Peter> PCI cards, just the 32 and 64 bit compatible uPCI cards now) If
Peter> not, is there a new rp driver I can test out that may be in
Peter> -CURRENT?

I went around with Comtrol on this just a while ago when we were
getting another 32 port RocketPort card. I managed to find an old
style card about a month ago. Comtrol at that time didn't have any
plans to support FreeBSD for their new cards. I tried to persuade them
that it'd be a good idea, but I'm not sure I got through to them.

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