backups and devices

Alex Shaw at
Tue Nov 11 03:42:37 PST 2003


Im trying to decide on a sutable backup procedure for the systems we use. Id
like if possible to use a auto mount multiple tape device, that can
completly store and retrieve all nesecary data as quickly as possible. There
are two locations one needs only data backup, systems are not as important
here, as rebuilding from scratch and applying data restore is a lot more
feasible, the second location will need full system backups as well as data.
Im looking to achieve this with maybe two tape devices. My question is this,
What is the best way to go about this, eg what tape devices fitting these
specs are known to work well with BSD, what software would easily help me do
the backup and restore ?. Im newish to BSD systems admin and am trying to
minimise the learning mistakes but getting as much info as possible before I
start implementing anything.

Thanks in advance for any help


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