Any way to lock down disk errors?

Jim Hatfield subscriber at
Tue Nov 11 02:44:32 PST 2003

Strictly speaking OT but the machine is running FreeBSD.

While copying a file I got I/O errors. The console shows:

>ad0: hard error cmd=read fsbn 31891359 of 31891359-31891486 status=59 error=40
>ad0: hard error cmd=read fsbn 31891231 of 31891231-31891486 status=59 error=40

Given that the disk is just under three months old, is it worth doing
anything other than getting it replaced? I have no other disk big
enough to old the data on it so unless the supplier sends me a
replacement ahead of me returning the faulty one it will be a pain.

I have enough space to empty the partition with the error in, but I
couldn't find anything in newfs or fsck which would let me map out
selected blocks or to do a full write test of each block and map out
bad ones. Is there such a beast?

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