problems with FreeBSD telnet client

Will Yardley you at
Mon Nov 10 18:39:06 PST 2003

Matthew Emmerton wrote:

> > When I telnet to a Cisco device from a FreeBSD machine, I get this
> > error:
> >
> > jazz% telnet somerouterorswitch
> > Password: Kerberos:     No default realm defined for Kerberos!
> >
> > Assuming you don't use Kerberos, is there a way to make the telnet
> > client not attempt to use it to authenticate?

> I have a feeling that this is coming from the telnet server (ie, the Cisco
> box), since no such text shows up in the FreeBSD telnet client sources our
> our Kerberos-[45] libraries.  (4-STABLE, cvsup'd just a few minutes ago.)
> Perhaps the Cisco box has Kerberos support, and since it senses that the
> FreeBSD telnet client is Kerberos-aware, it spews out this warning to notify
> you of the server misconfiguration?

Yeah - I was guessing that that was the problem. I was hoping there was
a way to get the telnet client not to try to use Kerberos, but sounds
like "-K" may be the closest thing to that.

Checked out some of the options at:

but don't see anything that will help.

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