Help! Runaway NATD

Daniela dgw at
Mon Nov 10 13:46:29 PST 2003

On Monday 10 November 2003 21:18, Jack L. Stone wrote:
> FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE-p13 - GW/router/NAT/FW/Caching DNS - Bind-8.3x +
> IPFW(8)
> Have just setup the above to route mainly for a LAN (in place of hardware
> router), but natd runs non-stop as per TOP(1) and keeps eating up the CPU
> until it crashes. Takes about 1/2 hour to eat up the resources and requires
> a reboot -- then the problem just starts over again.

Have you tried to attach to the process with gdb(1) or truss(1)?
Also please show us what `ps ax` says about natd.
Can you get a core dump?

Good luck!

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