Writing Device Drivers in 5.1-RELEASE

Gregory Nutt gregory at nutt.ca
Mon Nov 10 09:38:13 PST 2003

I'm trying to port the device driver for acx100 chipsets TO WORK ON 
FreeBSD.  However, all the guides I'm finding make reference to files that 
apparently are no longer used such as:

and have been renamed to card_if.m, device_if.m, bus_if.m, etc...

even though these are includes in a good number of the device driver files 
included with this distro.  So far I just remmed out the includes of these 
files and am now stuck at the DEVMETHOD macro where it is not accepting 
functions such as device_probe, device_attach, device_detach, etc where I 
get an error saying ei. device_probe_desc undeclared here (not in a 
function).  I can find no headers that define the macro or the 
functions.  Please help!


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