Mount SMB share on bootup

Chirhart, Brian bchirhart at
Mon Nov 10 09:35:10 PST 2003

I am only 1 month along in my FreeBSD knowledge, so please forgive any wrong
verbage or simple questions.  In that month, I have set up a pretty sweet
server that is running SSH, apache 2.x and ProFTPD.  So I have gotten along
pretty well.  My question is my FTP server is hosting files off of a WinXP
box via an SMB mount point.  But every time I reboot the box (which is often
since I don't know what I am doing) I have to type my mount command again.
Is there a way I can mount that automatically upon startup?  Also, the mount
point is password protected (on the XP side) so I am prompted for a
password.  How can I automate that?  Or should I create the share without a
password?  I am not too worried about internal security so the share could
have no password and that would be fine.

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