at my wit's end on buildworld

jason watkins jason_watkins at
Sun Nov 9 23:46:59 PST 2003

Well, I'm still having problems with buildworld on releng 4.9. My original
problem was that make would fail on entering sendmail with a "don't know how
to make" error. I removed /usr/src/* and /usr/sup/src-all/* and resynced
with a different cvs server, and still had the same problem. So I edited
make.conf to not build sendmail, since I don't need it. Now the build hangs

gzip -cn /usr/src/usr.sbin/boot0cfg/boot0cfg.8 > boot0cfg.8.gz
===> etc

Make appears to exit silently shortly after writing that output. I've tried
additional resyncs, and I do remove the concents of /usr/obj/* before each
build. I've seen another couple recent posts where clearing obj fixed a
similar problem, but it hasn't worked for me.

So, I'm at a loss. What do I do next?

jason watkins

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