ok, i give up; how acroread in mozilla???

parv parv at pair.com
Sun Nov 9 19:12:14 PST 2003

in message <20031110005623.GE553 at dds.nl>,
wrote Alex de Kruijff thusly...
> On Sat, Nov 08, 2003 at 02:45:01PM -0800, Gary Kline wrote:
> >
> > 	People,
> >
> > 	Setting up netscape to use realplayer and acroread took
> > 	awhile but I finally got it.  I've been using mozilla
> > 	more and more, but still haven't figured out howto get
> > 	it to successfully spawn acroread.
> The online FreeBSD handbook has a chapter about brouwsers. I think it
> also contains how to do this.

Acroread comes up as desired in mozilla 1.5b & netscape navigator
4.8 when...

  - in ~/.mailcap i have...

      application/pdf; acroread %s

  - in netscape's Navigator->Application Helpers ...

      MIMEType: application/pdf
      Suffiexes: pdf

      Handled By->Application: acroread %s

    and, similarly for mozilla (Navigator->Helper Applications).

I forgot if i had manually set the above settings or
mozilla/netscape just read ~/.mailcap & adjusted themselves.

  - Parv


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